. Always disconnect battery first!
2. Disassembly primairy cover.
3. Disassembly solenoid, spring and starter cables.
4. Remove the small pin from the collar on the end of the solenoid plunger (behind the clutch) in the primairy housing.
5. Mount starter handle with new gasket (OEM 60654-65) and two bolts 1/4-20 x 1 on primairy housing.
6. Mount old over-run spring, collar and small pin.
7. Adjust de position from the handle. With the starter drive gear completely backwards in the primairy, the lever must be in full backwards position against his housing. The right adjustment can easy be made with some 5/16 plain washers.
8. Remove the four sockethead screws and cover from the starter handle.
9. Pull handle frontwards and control if starter gear inserts at least 3/4 into starter ring on clutch before contact will be made at starter handle. If contact is not be made at the right moment, adjust copper contacts with both plastic screws.
10. Assembly the cover with the four sockethead screws back on the starter handle.
11. Do the electric wiring. We advise to use our special starterrelay PRO-11302. For more info see our website (mounting instructions, PRO-11302).

We suggest to use our special starterrelay PRO-11302 for easy wiring and the great dependablety. However, you can also use original H-D relays, only the wiring is a little more complicated and the relays are less strong. Further down you find the wiringdiagram for stock HD relays. Under "Mounting Instructions PRO-11302" you find the wiring connections for the special relay.