This over-sized swing-arm pivot bolt replace OEM 47510-58 in situations where the original threat is stripped or worn out. With this special pivot bolt the result is a stronger construction and a much more stable handling from the bike. Fits all 4-speed Big Twin models from 1958-1986.

* Remove the old pivot bolt and pull the rear swing-arm backwards. (it's not necessary to remove everything. Just remove the rear belt or chain and the old pivot bolt. Now push the complete rear swing-arm with wheel in the rear direction from the bike. This give enough space to work).
* With a drill from 15,5 millimetre, at least 14 inches (35 centimetre) long, remove the old threat working form the right side from the bike. Use the hole on the right site as a guide.
* Use a tap M18 x 1,5 for a new, clean threat. With a ½ inch extension bar for socket wrenches as extension it's a easy job to do this with the primary on.
* Now mount everything as stock (use the original factory workshop manual).