This Heavy-Duty transmission sprocket spacer replaces the week model in the Big Twin 5-speed transmissions from 1985 till 1994 (OEM 33335-85). This original, old model spacer has an outer diameter from 2,065 inch. Because the leaking problems and nuts coming loose, from 1994 the HD-factory use an new model spacer with an outer diameter from 2,25 inch. This spacer (OEM 33344-94) is, however, 0,25 inch shorter the the old model and for that reason it can´t replace the old one. Our spacer PRO-11150 has the lenght of the old spacer and the outer diameter of the new one. In combination with the late model oilseal (OEM 12067A), this Heavy-Duty spacer is the solution for the problems that exist by the older 5-speed Big Twin transmissions. Satisfaction